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Waterfalls boosts my mood and energy, bringing a sense of calmness in me. This was from a recent waterfall hike with a group of closed ones. It was close to a one hour hike, a dirt path to our destination. The path was covered with a strong scent of moss and nature. A calm flow of stream emits a relaxing tone to our ears.

From afar, the waterfall was a silent water stream and we could hear soft water crashing against the rocks. As we drew closer to it, we heard big splashing noises. Thundering sounds of water breaking into itself. We had to shout to one another over the deafening roar of water. We could see lovely sparkles in the water and tiny rocks at the bottom through the clear water. There were birds flying above and we could hear them singing, chirping. The unmistakable smell of dirt, leaves and fresh water. Nature’s scent.

The rocks were slippery as we approached the water, from the plunge pool mist. Our hair clung to our heads and around our faces. The cool water seeping through our fingers. Our eyes lit up and face glowing, we stood there in awe. And I thought about how water can be calm and serene, it can also be strong and loud, releasing its energy and returning to its peace.

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Long sleeve hooded sweatshirt in black. Oversized triangular pouch pocket at front face. Geometric darting at front and back faces. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Made in Japan.

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Handcrafted in Italy

Styled with: Haider Ackermann Black Shimmer Leather Skinny Trousers, Rick Owens Black Brushed Suede Sneak

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Designed by Mark Simons

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