Calm Before The Storm

Time has gone by so quickly in a blink of an eye for the past 2 years. I was previously stationed in another city to pursue my study, and reallocated again to another new place to continue with. The early days in the previous place went from excitement to coping issues, to anxiety and finally, calm and gratitude. Unfamiliar faces, some old friends and pretentious people can easily mess up your days.

There will always be gossips and rumours going around, surrounding you, creeping in. The harder you try to fight them, the stronger they become. Many things are better left unsaid and unexplained. Everyone is unique in their own way and everyone is brought up differently. However, I am sure that there will always be someone who is on a similar pace, mindset and upbringing as us, who will treat us sincerely as a friend, as a sister or as a brother. I believe there is no need to change ourselves, trying our very best to fit in and change our beliefs just to feel accepted. At the same time, truly believe in yourself and learn to be comfortable being alone. In a new surrounding, you might be in the midst of confusion, chaotic, full of unease at first, but I assure you that things will get better.

Those years became a part of me and always reminded me to be aware of our feelings, checking in time to time with ourselves. Just like the rough stormy waves as it flows by, it will eventually drench the sand gently, bringing a sense of serenity and peace in us. Just be yourself and be happy, that’s all that matters.